Location: Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda

The overall population of gorillas has seen numbers climb in recent years thanks to major efforts from the WWF, that being said it is still very hard and extremely rare to see this great ape out there in the wilderness. This is mainly due to their location as well as the somewhat extortionate costs involved in actually being able to get out there. Perhaps the best known of this creatures’ homes sits in the Democratic Republic of Congo, if you aren’t aware already however this is an extremely dangerous territory to visit, only the most experienced and intrepid travellers amongst you will likely opt for such a trip. A safer and more sensible option would be to head out to either Rwanda or Uganda to make your expedition, permits cost around US$500 for one hour however it’s a price that you won’t complain about paying once you see the gorilla in its natural habitat, in what can only be described as an absolutely breath-taking experience.

Black-Eyed Leaf Frog

Location: Belize, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico

We’ve covered a few large and rare mammals on this list but what about the many other types of animals in this world? Most people have likely seen a frog in their lifetime, either in neighbours garden or the local park however there are much rarer species of this popular amphibian across the world. You’ll have likely seen the black-eyed leaf frog in pictures before, with its signature bright green skin, its proportionally large plunger like toes and its inky black eyes for which it’s named after but this frog is much harder to spot out there in the forests. Unfortunately, this creature is critically endangered and spread out thinly across South and Central America. If you’re hoping to see one you’ll have to head to the wetlands of either Belize, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras or Mexico and even then you’ll have set yourself a difficult task, the black-eyed leaf frog isn’t so easy to spot, it measures at a mere 6.5cm in length so start thinking of a needle in a haystack and you’ve got your mission ahead. Good luck!

Cuban Greater Funnel-Eared Bat

Location: Cueva de la Barca, Cuba

Bats are hard to find at the best of times, they are nocturnal creatures that sleep in dark places, sometimes caves, sometimes in your roof, either way there are many species are this marvellous animal that are sadly endangered across the world. Perhaps the rarest of these is the Cuban greater funnel-eared bat, one of ten different funnel-eared bat species on earth which also include others such as the Bahamian, Mexican and Trinidadian funnel-eared bats too. With a total population of roughly 100 mature examples alive today it is safe to say that this is the rarest species you will find. If you hope to get a glimpse of these fascinating creatures then you’ll need to head to Cueva de la Barca on Cuba’s westernmost tip where the entire species resides in one cave.