If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and setting out on adventures then I have no doubt that one of the most appealing things about it is becoming one with nature, seeing it for all its glory, its vast landscapes, luscious green paradises and of course its fascinating wildlife that shows us just how special this world is.

There are plenty of places you can go to see wildlife, whether camping in the forest or setting out on a safari there arguably nothing more exciting than seeing the local fauna in its natural habitat, it beats visiting a zoo any day. Some animals of course are rarer than others, with many species dangerously low in numbers it’s likely that many of us will never see them at all in our lives outside of photos and videos. If you’d like to see some of these and learn more about them (and of course how we may be able to save them) the check out our list below of some of the rarest animals and where to go to find them.

Sumatran Rhino

Location: Sumatra, Borneo and the Malay Peninsula.

The Sumatran Rhino is one of the most threatened rhino species still alive today. These are the smallest rhino you can find in existence and there are only a handful left, in fact, there are less than 100 left on the planet. Despite this the animal is resilient and they aren’t down for the count just yet. Here’s a cool fact for you; did you know that the Sumatran Rhino is actually more closely related to the prehistoric woolly rhinoceros than any other species alive today? That’s some ancestry right there! 

Amur Leopard

Location: China and Russia

This majestic beast is perhaps the rarest species of big cat on the planet with only around seventy mature amur leopards left in existence. It’s because of this that you’ll have a tough time spotting the creature but if your hoping to get lucky head out to the Jilin Province in north east China or you can also try the Primorsky Krai region in Russia too. If you manage to find one, you’ll notice its absolutely beautiful coat which is uniquely patterned with black spots that’ll outdo any print you’ve seen on clothing patterns before.   

Hainan Gibbon

Location: Hainan Island, China

Sadly, due to hunting and a major loss of habitat the beautiful Hainan gibbon’s numbers have dwindled enough to make it the rarest ape in the world. There are only twenty-five of these creatures left, it’s because of this that they are no longer living out in the wilderness but instead reside within the Bawangling National Nature Reserve which is located on Hainan Island, a part of China. The last surviving members of the population now live in a restricted spot within this Nature Reserve in the forest. This reserve is also home to over 600 tree species and twenty-seven other species of animal under protection.