What is Goat Yoga? Seriously, it’s what everyone’s been asking themselves ever since it has become a global phenomenon, and the truth is much, much simpler than what we could have ever thought of. Goat yoga has the same exact characteristics as regular yoga, but the only difference is that you’re at peace practicing it in front of said animal in an open, green-friendly outdoor space.

Therapy animals

Goat yoga can be interpreted as therapeutic, and the truth is that these animals can give you a sense of peace while you’re practicing a relaxing activity. Being close to nature has never required actually going up to a mountain and socializing with actual goats, but with goat yoga there’s a sense of fusion and respect with nature that one does not simply finds on its own. Having one of these animals hug, snuggle or just make sounds next to you can be a rather beautiful experience, and no rescue therapy pet is needed for that anymore, all thanks to this genius activity.

World sensation

Ever since goat yoga became a global sensation, a lot has been said about what it might be and people making fun out of taking things too far, but the truth it is that only people who have not tried to can attest to that. Once you try goat yoga, it stops being a funny, incoherent footnote in your life and can become a regular activity that you can do with much love. Feeling adventurous for a new, random experience? Are you wanting to feel closer to nature than ever before? Have you considered adopting a therapy pet but stopped to reconsider because of the commitment it entails? Goat yoga is there for you, and it is not only a tool you can use, but a beautiful activity to engage in.

Being aware of animal rights

For those that might think goat yoga represents an unsettling decontextualization of the nature of these animals, it is good to be aware that goat yoga is all about letting yourself be yourself, and letting the animals be themselves, to exist in a mutual, equal space as two beings that were brought upon this world under similar circumstances and, always treating these animals with the respect and love that they deserve, we can learn that we are not alone in this world and it is truly a marvel that we can connect with other beings so seamlessly, feel so much empathy for something, and yet still both help each other reach a new state of relaxation, mindfulness and awareness.

If you haven’t tried goat yoga, just know it’s okay and normal to laugh at something that can seem so out of place and distant from our everyday lives, but also note that this is exactly what makes the experience so breathtaking and enthralling. You too, can be at one with nature and use this activity as a method to understand the beauty within ourselves and the world we inhabit. You too, can be part of this marvelous phenomenon that has gotten people talking day and night.