Spending time outside the house is fun and relaxing, especially when you’re in touch with nature and enjoying the greatness of the sun. For some people, an outdoor lifestyle is their passion and can’t imagine a day away from the mountains, for others is just a hobby, and while there are adventurous athletes traveling to the end of the world, you can also find quite a lot of hikers who live natural lifestyles and take care of our system.

However, what all of their lifestyles have in common is that they have shown us that living outside increases vitamin levels, brain health and concentration and mood. Having a healthier and more active life than the average, which increases even their healing ability. These are some of the reasons why nature can keep you living for a long time.

Natural Vitamins

Staying active outdoors means an immediate improvement in your health life. The reasons are endless: vitamins obtained from the sun and the water enrich your body, natural light enhances serotonin production, and researchers report being in touch with nature does so much good to your brain abilities that they recommend it to children with ADHD and seniors.

The fuel you put on your body while you stay outdoors is also one of the main reasons these activities are good for your health: studies show that active individuals keep better diets and have in general better functioning bodies than the average. Since being outside is really demanding to our bodies, people who do this type of activities on a regular basis keep meal plans that are helpful for their endurance in outdoor sports, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins, which are also really good for the heart and the brain.

Happiness: Secured

Happiness is directly linked with living a longer life, and a lot of studies have been published around the subject. Sunlight tends to elevate people’s mood, and the physical activity involved in an active life keeps your blood running fast and your happy hormones at healthy levels.

Time outdoors is good for your soul and mind, and makes people feel part of something bigger and healthier that gives them more energy every day. Negative emotions disappear while you’re hiking, taking a walk by the beach or planning a weekend off by the lake. Also, outdoor activities usually involve friends or meeting people along the way, so an improvement in your social life is also a great way of staying happy.

Exercise and Relaxation

An important part of outdoor life consists on physical exercise. Whether is just a hike, a trail run, kayaking, skiing or swimming, every activity involves working out, which keeps you healthy and producing hormones. Also, experts call these types of work-outs ‘green exercises’ cause they’re being practiced on natural spaces, which has been proven to increase benefits.

Exercising improves your chances of living longer, especially when it comes to kids. It doesn’t take much effort to help them have fun while they exercise, being a more productive way of working out than going to the gym. A scape from your typical spaces can be relaxing, fun and peaceful, and low levels of stress translate to increases of life quality and longevity.