Studies have spoken, and kids are spending more and more time in front of a screen everyday. Even though there’s nothing wrong with technology, the real danger comes when this translates from low to zero time close to nature or doing physical activity. We’ve lost love for the outdoors, and our kids find it boring or even dangerous. So, if you want to change this and teach them how fun and healthy it is to engage in an active lifestyle while spending quality time together, then keep reading to learn how!

Coming Out

The main challenge comes right at the beginning: choosing what to do. It needs to be an activity where everyone can participate, otherwise they’ll lose interest. You gotta be prepared for going outdoors, especially when you’re taking kids with you, so schedules and plans are needed in order to get everything in place and take the most out of the experience. Get the essentials on your backpack (like wipes, water and snacks) and head out with you little ones.


Besides considering what’s gonna spark excitement on your kids, you need to think about age-appropriate activities for each one. If your kid still an infant, then going for a walk with the stroller might get them in touch with nature in a very relaxing way. If you find a nice patch of green grass you can lay down there and, depending on your baby’s age and abilities, roll or practice some moves.

If their ages go from two to four years, you can accommodate them in a toddler seat for your bike so they can feel the air on their faces while you use it as a transportation device. Also, since they’re developing their motor skills, you could stimulate them in an active way by playing ball. Let them kick it in the backyard or a nearby park without any rules, because kids this age don’t understand most of it so they get frustrated and associate it with negative feelings. Just have fun!

With school age kids is easier, especially if they already have an activity they enjoy like some outdoor sport or they use a bike or a skate. If you want to take this relationship with nature a bit further, you can take them hiking or camping so they can really experience nature. The first trips need to be mellow and feature-filled so they can bond easily with their environment, but family camping is something everybody should try at least once. You can start short, or even trying a night out in a tent on the backyard just for practice and fun.

Right at Home

Maybe your obstacle for finding a more active lifestyle has to do with time or money, but that’s not a problem if you get creative enough. Gamify your yard so it can become a fun course with toys, door mats, chairs, hula hoops and water or plan an amazing treasure hunt all over the garden. Playing outside away from screens is always a healthy and relaxing way to have fun and get more exercise.