We’ve all lived through that moment when we’re enjoying the great outdoors and all of the sudden our battery goes from 70 percent to 10 percent. Even though nature is a great space to disconnect from technology for a while, phones are already a huge part of our lives, even helping us improve our outdoors with apps and gadgets and keeping us connected in case of an emergency.

However, these are not reasons to try to implement damaging techniques to our virgin spaces so we can get a little bit of electricity. But this might be our lucky day because, fortunately, there are a lot of startups wanting to help us stay in touch while we respect the environment and produce clean energy no matter how far away we are from a power outlet.

We picked our favorite!

Voltaic Fuse 6W Solar Charger

Let’s start with the easiest guess! The name says it all: this solar power by Voltaic Systems is a portable charging device designed specially to fit into rucksacks or bicycles. Even though it comes in a really sizeable presentation, it can be a bit uncomfortable to carry around a backpack full of solar panels, but once is in your back you don’t have to think about anything else, it does its work by itself! Take advantage of sunny days while you’re out there and stay connected all at once.


Do you know you can produce energy while you move? Well, now is time to use that energy for good! AMPY MOVE is a portable charger that you can place in your arm, your pocket or even your bag and it charges with motion. Of course, this is a gadget that works wonders if you combine it with exercise, being able to produce enough energy for five hours of battery life with only one hour of workout. You can also check their app to see how much energy you’ve generated. Get more power the more you move!

BioLite’s CampStove 2

The turn of the campers has arrived! The award-winning BioLite CampStove’s is a wood-fueled stove that creates a smokeless fire and transforms the heat into electricity, which then charges a detachable battery pack. It comes with a LED light that shows you the intensity of the fire on real time, while you now have both a charger and a stove to cook in! It boils water in just a few minutes and you can cook full meals using just sticks around you.

Tigra Sport’s BikeCharge Dynamo

Back to motion-fueled batteries, the Tigra Sports team created this waterproof and easy to instal device that goes on the wheels of your bike and converts your pedaling into energy. This is awesome and useful not just for outdoors: if you use a bike as your main transportation, you could be generating amazing numbers of clean energy just by going to work or school! It’s lightweight, compact and fits most wheels, plus has integrated lights that work with remote control!