Hiking is certainly an activity that we’ve experienced collectively as a society for some years now. It has always existed, but amongst a culture filled with buzzwords, goat yoga and other forms of wild entertainment, it remains one of the most common and tame outdoor activities that one can commit to. It is for sure one of the less risky and probably the one that has more opportunities for you to chit-chat and have a meaningful interaction with other people while doing so.

Activity of the mind

It is not only an activity done to take in the landscape and foam at the mouth with our beautiful earthly treasures, but it is also an outdoor activity of the mind. “Taking a walk” has always been a task that we concern ourselves with when we have time to think and need a little space but being near outdoors surroundings and being one with nature on a weekly basis can certainly transform your way of thinking into something more productive. The day-to-day of the modern world can be too much sometimes and creating an open space to be alone with your thoughts can be an important act of self-care.

Social hiking

There’s something to be said about the space that social media has in our life, and it is definitely a space where one can reunite with other people at any desired time without the hassle of actually spending money on a cab or walking/driving up to someone’s apartment, but social interactions in hiking are a real thing, whether they are with a friend who’s chosen to go on a small adventure with you, or people you meet along the way, and it can also be an important way for people in a new city to meet other hikers with similar interests.

The joys of self-care

We can get very poetic about being near nature and getting some fresh air, but one thing that can be very true is that, even a small feat like stepping out for a walk on a hill can be a bold act of self-care if done purposefully. Hiking is not only about being in shape or seeing beautiful landscapes, but it is also about stepping away from our lives for a moment and see how important the joys of self-care are to our daily lives. It is only through our own agency and decisions to step outside into the great outdoors that we can take a look at the bigger picture and learn to truly relax, or at least so it seems the moment you’re up there, without a care in the world, just idealizing how much work our planet as put in into creating a beautiful image for us to marvel at. Life can be tough, but hiking will always be an old friend waiting to hear about your day, or a warm cup of coffee without the rush of caffeine. Hiking is marvelous, hiking is good and hiking is definitely something you should be trying for 2019 if you’re not already onboard with it. Goat yoga notwithstanding.