Walking with the meir purpose of exploring and discovering is something that has been within us since life itself begun, but nowadays it has become a special way to have an active lifestyle while enjoying outdoors and staying fit. This exploration, usually taking place on trails or relatively wild areas, is what we now know as trekking, and it’s getting more and more popular.

If this description is not enough for you to take the road and start practicing it, we give you three other reasons to do so. Get in this amazing trip before is too late and you find a reason to not do it! Life is passing by, don’t let it go!

Working Out

If you want to be more active, wait a little bit until you hit that subscription button on your local gym. While trekking, you are so involved in the beauty of your surroundings that you actually forget the amount of exercise you’re making. Hiking is an amazing way to stay in shape and lose weight during the glory experience of walking in the middle of the relaxing and refreshing mountains, burning in average between 400 and 500 calories per hour trekking. It will depend on your own weight, but you can calculate it here.

Health benefits that come from trekking are much more, a few of them being a great tonification for your whole body (because you use a lot of your muscles to trek), lower blood pressure and cholesterol,  prevention and control of diabetes and heart diseases and it even helps depression patients.

In Touch with Nature

Trekking is a dreamy experience that can be described. Traveling in a trail full of surprises, becoming one with the wild and enjoying the view is a chance of seeing the world as it is that no money can buy. The forest and the mountains have a special way of touching your soul, and being out in the woods is an excellent way to stay fresh and happy. You’re far from civilization, so the only thing you can embrace is the vastity of the world.

Sunlight is proven to be a great source of healthy energy, vitamins and happiness, so grab your walking pole and lie down a green meadow under the stars surrounded by mountain goats! No tour can get you this close to nature.

Time for Yourself

Life in the city can be exhausting. Rushing, running from point A to point be, always on your phone having no time to even breathe is an awesome way to see life pass while you get sick and time flies. Whether you have a demanding job, you have a lot of responsibilities at home or you study a lot, is been proven that the lack of exercise and free time can be worst for your health than smoking, without even talking about the mental consequences of living under stress and chaos.

But life doesn’t have to always be like that. Slowing down and breathing fresh air while you also do some workout is possible, and is right around the corner. Disconnecting can give you the freedom you’ve been wanting, making you happier and healthier. The closer you get to nature, the closer you get to yourself!